Health Promotion

Health Promotion

At Mental Health Center of Denver we believe that healthy families grow from a foundation of positive well-being. Many of our programs are designed to promote well-being and foster resilience.

Outpatient Groups


To enroll in groups or other services, identify the group you would like to participate in and contact our Access Center at 303-504-7900. 

Anyone not enrolled in our services will be scheduled for a 30 minute behavioral health assessment to provide an overview of our services and ensure individuals are matched with the group or service that will best meet their needs.

Integrated Care

We believe mental and physical health go hand-in-hand. We cooperate with clinics across Denver to assist pediatricians in assessing possible mental health issues.

Voz y Corazón

Voz y Corazón focuses on empowering youth voices and hearts through art and connectedness. It is a free community-based support group for youth, focused on self-acceptance, group connection and mentorship - all supported through artistic expression.